Engine Division Koraput
Repairs, Major Servicing, Supply of Spares
Since the early 1970's, the Division has been overhauling Aero Engines to make fighter Aircraft flight-worthy again for the Indian Air Force.

The Division follows the 'Flow Line Group Technology' with the Engine parts being dismantled, viewed and loaded to different work centers.

Regular follow-up through On-line system ensures timely completion of sub-assemblies.

The stripped components are subject to detailed micrometric and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) checks. Repair and refurbishing of worn-out parts and sub-assemblies are undertaken by  skilled workmen.

Repairs and Refurbishing Processes include welding, hard alloy coatings, vibro-tumbling, micro-shot peening, ultrasonic strain hardening, nickel alloy powder coating and a large number of protective coatings. Assemblies and sub-assemblies undergo rigorous functional tests on various Hydraulic, Fuel and Electrical Rigs.

Quality control checks are carried out using various NDT methods, like X-ray, Magna-flux, Dye-penetrant check and ultrasonic inspection besides other conventional techniques. Overhaul of accessories is carried out in environmentally controlled rooms. All the accessories after overhaul are subjected to stringent tests on test rigs.

Every manufactured / overhauled Engine undergoes rigorous tests on Engine test beds that simulate all flight conditions.

The preliminary and final acceptance test, hot test, endurance test and gas dynamic stability tests are conducted through computerised controls.

Electronically assisted throttle, digital and analog read-outs help get real-time simultaneous data and engine parameters during R-29B and RD-33 Engine testing.