Adour MK811/804E
Main Characteristics
Intake Diameter (m) 0.564
Length (m) 2.90
Weight (kg) 794
Thrust(kg) 2500(dry)/3737(wet)
Specific Fuel Consumption (kg / kg-hr) 0.80

Jaguar aircraft is powered by two Adour Mk804 / Mk811 engines. Adour Mk 811Enignes were manufactured since 1981 under licence from M/s. Rolls Royce/ Turbomeca. Presently, these engines are being Repaired & Overhauled.
 • Twin spool turbofan engine of modular construction with after burner.
• Two stage low pressure and five stage high pressure axial flow compressors which are driven by separate single stage high pressure and low pressure turbines.