Rolled Rings
Four decades of serving the high technology segment of industry and a zeal to offer an extended range of products, motivated the Division to diversify into the manufacture of seamless rolled rings. The Ring Rolling facility has a state-of-the-art ring rolling mill incorporating the latest technology including computerised control of operation and laser measuring device.

The state-of-the-art ring mill is capable of manufacturing profiled rolled rings in variety of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. The benefits of profile rolled rings are reduced input materials; desired grain flow along the rolled profile and improved metallurgical properties.

The unit has also the expertise and technology for manufacture of rings in marging steel, a strategic material used for defence and aerospace applications, with close control of hot working and heat treatment process parameters.
  • Computer controlled ring rolling mill with 100 tonne radial force and 63 tonne axial force Thyssen Wagner, Germany
  • Battery of electrically heated low and high temperature furnaces (up to 2.2 metre diameter) with temperature controllers and recorders
  • Quenching facility after rolling to substitute hardening cycle, wherever applicable
  • A 500-tonne capacity ring expander
  • Cheesing facility in the Forge shop in 3000 tonne Hydraulic Press and a battery to pneumatic hammers.
  • Handling aids such as manipulators, forklifts and EOT cranes for heavy products
  • Raw material cutting facility for up to 400 mm square sections in all alloys
Unique Capabilities
  • Manufacture of rolled rings in all wrought alloys including super alloys up to 3.5 m OD
  • In-house facilities for post-rolling operations including all types of conventional heat treatments, nondestructive and destructive tests, and also for optimising processes and rendering all technical support for meeting customer expectations for rings in advanced materials
  • Ring expansion or compression for relief of residual stress in aluminium alloy rings up to one metre diameter
  • Rolling of rings with either or both internal/external profiles, offering superior quality at competitive prices
Product Range
Materials FinishDimensions ( Range)Maximum Weight Surface
Aluminium alloy OD: 300-2500 mm1200 kgMachine Finishing
Carbon and Alloy Steels ID: 200-2400 mm  
Stainless Steels/Marging SteelsHT: 30-250 mm  
Titanium Alloys   
Nicket bas Super Alloys