Powder Metallurgy
The Powder metallurgy unit is the only one of its kind in India to manufacture a range of sintered friction and anti-friction materials such as copper and iron-based brake pads and bimetallic anti-friction bearings and bushes for aircraft. The DGAQA and DGCA have approved the unit for design, development, manufacture and testing of military and civilian aircraft brake pads.
  • Twin roller pot mills and double cone blenders for powder mixing
  • 100, 250, 3000 tonne capacity hydraulic powder compacting presses
  • Hydrogen atmosphere pressure Sintering Bell furnaces and continuous pusher furnaces
Unique Capabilities
  • Indigenous development and manufacture of metalloceramic and organic brake pads, sintered bi-metallic bushes and clutch discs for aircraft, earthmover, automobile, marine and railway applications
  • Development and manufacture of advanced metal matrix composites (MMC) such as AL-SiCp
  • Unique dynamometer testing facility for assessing performance characteristics of friction materials and brake pads
Product Range
Different sizes and shapes of copper and iron-base metallic ceramic friction pads, anti-friction brushes/bearing and resin-based organic brake pads.