LM 2500
Light weight and compact with high thermal efficiency. Used for naval vessels and commercial ships as well as industrial applications. The LM 2500 which has been derived from the TF 39 Military and CF 6 commercial aircraft engine family is a compact, high performance turbine for marine propulsion systems and industrial power plants. In order to provide maximum reliability, increased life of parts and outstanding performance it incorporates the latest development in design technology and corrosion resistant material for engine components.

The LM 2500 Gas Turbine has been selected by 24 Naval establishments of the free world and powers a broad spectrum of ships ranging from 230 tons to 55,000 tons displacements. This gas turbine has also other applications such as power generation, compressor application. ONGC Mumbai has 5 of these units operating in its off-shore platforms

Engine Specification 
Width (inches)82
Length (inches)257
Weight (kg)4772
Nominal continuous power (KW) 24310
Airflow (kg/sec)69.80
Facilities available for LM 2500 Engine
  • Trained Technical Manpower
  • Established Assembly and Overhaul facilities
  • Exclusive and proven Test Bed for the performance validation of engine
Strength and Effective Quality Control
The Quality control department is equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets, machines and equipment  to maintain the highest quality standards during all stages of manufacture and overhaul.