ALH MKIII (Dhruv)/Mk IV (Rudra –WSI)/LCH
Main Characteristics
Intake Diameter (m) 0.571
Length (m) 1.279
Weight (kg) 205
Power(shp) 1383
Specific Fuel Consumption (kg / kg-kwhr) 0.305

To meet high altitude operational requirement and additional payload capacity, an engine with higher power than TM333-2B2 was required for certain variants of Dhruv. Turbomeca and HA L co-developed an engine named Shakti 1H1 (Ardiden) which meets the above requirements.
  •  Turbo shaft engine with an annular air intake
  •  Two-stage centrifugal compressor driven by a single-stage gas generator turbine
  •  Reverse flow combustion chamber
  •  Two-stage free power turbine with a through shaft driving the reduction gear box unit      
  •  Dual channel FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control)

HAL’s responsibilities included rotor dynamic analysis, casing design, static parts stress analysis, HMU system design and electrical harness system. Additionally HAL was responsible for the design, development, certification and manufacture of the oil cooling system, oil pump, filter unit assembly pipelines and brackets. Shakti Engine also powers LCH (Light Combat Helicopter).