Main Characteristics
Maximum Diameter (m) 0.7
Length (m) 1.11
Weight (kg) 164
Power(shp) 715
Specific Fuel Consumption (kg / kg-hr) 0.268

The Garrett TPE 331-5 turbo prop Engine is being manufactured, overhauled and repaired for various customers under licence from Honeywell USA, since 1988. It belongs to one of the most popular series of small turbo prop engines powering a large number of commuter and corporate aircraft such as commercial aircraft. The division has also manufactured kits for Garrett TPE 331-12 under collaboration from Honeywell for international markets.

  • Single shaft centrifugal compressor engine rated at 715 shaft horse power at 1591 RPM output speed.
  • Reverse flow gas turbine with a small frontal area
  • Features a propeller control system, anti-icing and foreign object damage resistance
  • Reverse thrust and negative torque sensing facilities