HAL signed license agreement for Cheetah with M/s SNIAS in 1970. First Cheetah manufactured from raw materials was delivered in 1976-77.

The Cheetah Helicopter (identical to LAMA SA 315B Helicopter of Eurocopter, France) is a high performance helicopter designed for operation over a very wide range of weight, centre of gravity and altitude conditions. The five seater Cheetah helicopter is versatile, multi role, multi purpose, highly maneuverable and rugged in construction.  It holds the world record in high altitude flying among all categories of Helicopters.

The helicopter is powered by Artouste - III B turbo shaft engine.

The helicopter is suitable for commuting, observation, surveillance, logistics support, rescue operations and high altitude missions.

Till date, HAL has produced and sold more than 275 of these versatile Helicopters which are in service both in India and abroad. Recently, HAL has received orders for Cheetah helicopters from MoD Namibia.
Technical Parameters
Length 12.91 m
Width  2.38 m
Height  3.09 m
MTOW 1950 kg
Cruise Speed 192 Km/h
Range 560 km
Endurance 3.10 hr
No. of Passengers 3 + 2