The Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) christened as HJT-36 is indigenously designed and developed by HAL to replace ageing fleet of KIRAN Jet Trainer aircraft in service with Indian Air Force for Stage II training of its pilots. IJT will be fitted with AL-55i Jet engines produced in house at Engine Division Koraput. IJT incorporates the simplicity necessary for ease of conversion from Basic Piston Trainer and the sophistication required for quick conversion to the complexities of an Advanced Jet Trainer.
Main Dimensions
Span 10.00 m
Length11.00 m
Height4.40 m
Clean aircraft weight4250 kg
Max. all up weight5400kg
Max. usable fuel (without drop tank)900 kg
Max. usable fuel (with drop tank)1370 kg
Fuselage Length11.00 m
Maximum Width (without intakes)1.00 m
Maximum height1.82 m
Power Plant
AL 55i "NPO Saturn Engine
Turbo Fan with thrust>17 kN at SLS, ISA
Bypass Ratio~ 0.55
SFC< 0.72 Kg/hr/Kgf
Thrust / Weight> 5
Modular construction with on - condition maintenance
Digital FADEC with hydromechnical backup
Unlimited total technical life
On board health monitoring and diagnostic system
Max Speed / Mach No.750 Km/h / 0.75
Max permitted load factors+7.0/ -2.5 g
Max. rate of climb> 1500 m/ min
Stall speed (clean Configuration) < 185 km/h
Take off run< 500 m
Landing Roll< 500 m
  • Pilot Training
  • General flying
  • Navigation formation flying
  • Instrument & cloud flying
  • Basic air to ground & air to air weapon aiming
  • Tactical flying
  • Night flying