Dr. Divya Gupta
Non-Official (Independent) Director
Dr. Divya Gupta

Dr. Divya Gupta has been appointed as Non-Official (Independent) Director on the Board of our Company on 28th December, 2021.  Though she is a social activist and Doctor by profession, she has more than 36 years of experience in handling corporate affairs being director in two companies, where she involves herself in decision making process and playing a crucial role in increasing the shareholders’ wealth.
She is also an active member of various social organisation where she immensely contributed to the society especially for making women self-dependent and capable. She is a columnist and keeps regularly writing in newspapers & magazines, on social issues.
Apart from various awards and accreditations she got in the past, she was recently awarded with “Dr. Sorojini Naidu International Award for Best Working Women” during year 2021.
She is not related to any other directors of the Company and does not hold shares in the Company.