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Brief History

Welcome to the Aircraft Manufacturing Division, Nasik of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Aircraft Division Nasik, established in the year 1964 for licence manufacture of MiG-21FL aircraft & K-13 Missiles, is located at Ojhar, 24 kilometers from Nasik and approximately 200 kilometers from Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. The division since then manufactured other MiG variants; viz MiG-21M, MiG-21 BIS, MiG-27 M and the state-of-the-art aircraft ie Su-30 MKI. Along with manufacturing, the division also carries out overhaul of the MiG series aircraft and started ROH of Su-30 MKI.

The Division is well laid out on a sprawling complex of 1,48,20,000 Sq. meters with a built-up area of 1,73,900 sq. meters having state-of-the-art plant/machinery/equipment and infrastructure. It has well qualified and trained manpower in different areas of aviation technology, viz design and development, manufacture and overhaul of aircraft, accessories and related products.

With the introduction of New a state-of-the art project ie Su-30 MKI and for smooth activities and operation of the division then  Aircraft  Division, Nasik is de-lineated into two Divisions viz Aircraft Manufacturing Division (AMD) for manufacturing activities  and Aircraft Overhaul Division (AOD) for Repair & Overhauling (ROH) activities.

Now, the Division is an independent profit-centre and is currently engaged in the following activities:
  • Manufacturing of Su-30 MKI Aircraft.
  • Supply of spares / units /consumables and aerospace fasteners.
  • Support to HAL and Non-HAL made aircraft of Russian Origin  in terms of Life extension, Modifications, Site Repairs and investigations.
  • Diversification into Civil Aircraft manufacture by taking up work packages.
  • Export of MiG spares to Egypt, Syria, Vietnam, Malaysia, Algeria, Poland & Russia.
So far the Division has manufactured more than 900 aircraft and supported the overhauling  activities for about 1900 aircraft. With the expertise gained over the more than 5 decades, the division has already made its presence felt in the global market, IAF and is fully geared up for meeting any challenging task in the domestic and the international market.

Currently the division is having the trained & Specialised Manpower around 1690 technical experts, 844 Experts for technical support and 593 Engineers.
The Division has full fledged facilities under the following major heads
  • CNC Machining
  • General Purpose Machining
  • Precision Tool Manufacturing
  • Rubber & Plastic Components Manufacturing
  • Canopy Manufacturing/Repair/Overhaul
  • Heat Treatment/Surface Treatment/Painting
  • Central Laboratory/Static Test Laboratory/Resource Test Laboratory/Metrology
  • Flight Testing of Aircraft
  • Manufacture/Repair of Aircraft Aggregates / Rotables
  • Air traffic Control
  • Mainframe Computer
  • Computer Aided Design and Analysis
  • Computerised production Planning and Control System
  • Computerised Integrated Materials Management
  • Landing Gear Manufacturing & ROH for various projects Like ALH, LCA,  Mirage 2000, MiG Sr & Su-30 MKI (Center of Excellence for Landing Gear)
  • Centre of Excellence for Aerospace Fasteners
Categories of Components
  • Sheet Metal Components   
  • Machined Components
    • With conventional Operations (viz turning, milling, bench work etc.)
    • With CNC operations with extensive turning and milling
  • Non Metallic Components
    • Injection Moulded Components
    • Rubber Components
    • Fibre Glass Components
  • Aircraft Structural Assemblies
    • Welded Assemblies
    • Riveted Assemblies
  • Unit Assemblies - Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Control Systems Line Replacement Units (LRUs)
    • Pipe Lines
    • Conventionally bent pipes
    • CNC bent pipes
  • Springs - Compression, Extension and Hand - wound Springs
  • Metallic Tanks - Metallic Tanks with seam / spot and TIG welding

Categories of Tooling Items
  • Ground handling Equipment - Trollies, Working Stands etc.
  • Measuring Tools and instruments - Plug Gauges / Ring Gauges / Snap Gauges / Co-axiality Gauges & Thread Gauges
  • Steel Forming Mandrels
  • Cutting Tools - Drills, Counterbores, Reamers, Milling Cutters, Taps, Threading Dies and broaches
  • Wooden Form Blocks
  • Springs
  • Hand Tools
  • Test Equipment
  • Jigs and Fixtures
  • Press Tools - Blanking, Piercing Dies, Progressive Dies, Compound Dies, Combination Dies, Deep drawing Dies and Steel forming Dies
  • Moulds
  • Current Tenders
The Aircraft Manufacturing Division, Nasik has been accredited with  AS 9100 D  Quality System Certification and is in pursuit of Total Quality Management 

The Quality System prevailing in the company ensures quality of products and processes right from receipt of raw materials upto the delivery of finished product. More than 180 approved and qualified Inspection staff ensures that quality of products/services is of the highest standard. The quality system works on a three tier system of Inspection by shop, Quality control Department and Customer Inspection.

Quality circle, Self inspection and Zero defect operators in selected areas on shop floor with involvement of technicians at grass root levels constitute a significant feature of the Division's sustained efforts in pursuit of excellence in quality of the final product.
  • Accreditation of  ISO 14001  Environmental  Management  System Certification
  • Accreditation of  AS 9100D Quality System Certification
  • Best Production Division Award - 1988-'89 / 1990-'91 / 1991-'92
  • Safety Award For "Longest Accident Free Period under the category of Heavy Engineering Group from National Safety Council - 1996-'97
  • Best Worker Award For Employees By Govt. of Maharashtra - 1994-'95 / 1995-'96
  • FICCI National Award for Corporate Family Welfare - 1994-'95
  • "Van-shree" Award for Sustained Performance in the field of Social Forestry from Govt. of Maharashtra - 1995-'96
Awards received after 1995-96
Sl No Award Description of Award Award From Year
1 NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION AWARD : 2015-16 For Innovation in Polymer Product ; indigenous development of canopy inflatable seal made from elastomeric material and used in Indian military aircraft. Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India. & organised by  Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET) 2015-16
2 GOLDEN PEACOCK INNOVATIVE PRODUCT / SERVICE AWARD-2014 For Design and Development of Single Axis Tilt Sensor for Aircraft Control Surface Deflection Measurement  (AURDC) Institute of Directors (IOD), New Delhi 2014
3 SODET AWARD (GOLD CATEGORY) For Design and Development of Tilt Sensor for MiG -21 aircraft    (AURDC) Society of Defence Technologist, New Delhi (SODET) 2013-14
4 SODET AWARD (BRONZE CATEGORY) For Integration of Project Eye Shadow on Su-30 MKI aircraft   (AURDC) Society of Defence Technologist, New Delhi (SODET) 2013-14
5 ENERGY CONSERVATION & MANAGEMENT AWARD : 2013-14 Second prize  for contribution in the field of energy conservation, innovation and management under individual category(2013-14) Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA), Maharashtra Government 2013-14
Su 30 MKI
Twin-seater, Multi-role, Long range Fighter / Bomber / Air Superiority Aircraft

MiG-27 M
Single-seater Tactical Fighter / Bomber with variable sweep wings

Single-seater Front line Tactical Interceptor / Fighter Aircraft

The Division manufactures different types of metallic drop (Jettisonable) tanks with capacity of 490 and 800 litres

The Division has facilities and expertise in the manufacture and overhaul of Undercarriages of both MiG-27M and MiG-21 variants, ALH, LCA, Mirage-2000  & Su-30 MKI. The landing gears are of a conventional tricycle type and consist of one steerable Nose wheel leg and two Main wheel legs to roll the aircraft in motion, on the ground, during take-off run and landing run. The Landing Gear legs have Pneumatic shock absorbers.

The Ejection Seat is installed to provide safe escape to the Pilot from the Aircraft while catapulting is effected with the help of a combined Ejection Gun. The Division has the facilities and expertise in the manufacture and overhaul of ejection seats for both MiG-27M and MiG-21 variants.

The Division manufactures and overhauls canopies of MiG-21 Variants ,  MiG-27 M  and Su30 MKI aircraft.

The Division manufactures and supplies all types of Rubber Fuel Tanks required for MiG-21 Variants. The Rubber Fuel Tanks are provided with special protection coating against Ozone/heat and adverse climatic conditions.
The Division has exported a large number of Rubber Fuel Tanks.

The Division has a separate complex for manufacturing of Aerospace Fasteners, approximately 7000 types under 400 different standards. Some of the typical items are nuts, bolts, screws, washers, rivets of various configurations, studs, dowels, pins, plugs, JO Bolts, pipe connections and springs.
We are rendering the following services to our Customers
  • Clearance of AOG Demands 
  • Repair and Overhaul of Rotables
  • Site Repairs
  • Supply of Spares against RMS Orders
  • Accident /  Incident Investigations
  • Defect Investigations
  • Deputation of Services Engineers
  • Customer Training
  • Technical Support to Operating Units
  • Deputation of Design Study Teams
  • Publications / Operating  Manuals
  • Warranty Support and spares
The General Manager (AMD)
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Aircraft  Manufacturing Division Nasik,
Ojhar Township P.O.,
Nasik District
Maharashtra State, India
Pin Code 422 207

Telephone:  +91 2550 - 277145
Fax:             +91 2550 - 275849