Preventive Vigilance Activities & Systemic Improvement Measures
Achievements of Department
Digitization of Land Records
Digitization of Land Records of HAL was rigorously pursued.  Programming for indexing, capturing data, addition of new records and linking soft copies of land records was developed in-house and scanning of documents was outsourced.  Around 9043 pages of records of HAL Estate which contains Gazette notifications, award copies, RTCs, handing/taking over certificates and village maps have been digitized.
Hospital Management System
Vigilance had come across several cases of submission of false claims for reimbursement on purchase of medicines (NIS/NIP) by the employees.  It was felt that a reputed pharmacy located inside HAL Hospital complex would enable patients get medicines without any difficulty.  It would also curb scope for malpractices of false claims by the employees.  Recommendations made by Vigilance Department has been agreed by the Management and in-house pharmacy (Apollo Pharmacy) was established in HAL Medical & Health Unit, Bangalore.
Video Tutorial
TEJAS TALK, a Video Tutorial, was introduced to spread awareness among the HAL employees. Each video of 10-15 minutes duration contains crisp and relevant information on a particular subject. It will be used by VOs while conducting relevant sessions. Till now videos on following subjects have been released:
  • Complaint Handling Policy;
  • Vigilance Angle;
  • RTI;
  • Irregularities in Public Procurement.
Preventive Vigilance Activities & Systemic Improvement Measures
Regular preventive vigilance checks/ tasks have been carried out. The systemic improvement measures have been suggested to Management for implementation as an outcome of vigilance scrutiny/investigations which are being considered for suitable implementation. Some of the recommendations/systemic improvement measures implemented by the management are as follows:
  • Streamlined the methodology of declaring the value of the item for transit insurance coverage.
  • Review of payment terms specified in purchase manual for capital items applicable to indigenous and foreign tenders. 
  • Review of pending purchase orders where items were rejected, pending for replacement and pending installation of machines.  Expedition of logical conclusions of all pending purchase orders. 
  • Release of guidelines for preparing material adequacy and issue of raw materials. 
  • Release of guidelines to bring systemic improvement in payment of royalty. 
  • Release of guidelines for appointment of enquiry officers and presenting officer has been notified for adherence of prescribed time limit for completion of departmental enquiries and submission of report .
  • Review and issuance of guidelines pertaining to transfer/ job rotation of employees posted in sensitive departments/areas/sections. 
  • Release of guidelines / instructions to be adhered by presenting officer while departmental enquiries are under progress. 
  • Release of guidelines pertaining to allotment of additional quarters based on the requirement of bigger accommodation for limited period with payment of applicable house rent. 
  • Release of guidelines for speedy disposal of vigilance cases – disciplinary proceedings. 
  • Release of guidelines for preparing material adequacy and issue of raw material to rationalize procurement of shelf life raw material against rejection allowances and have better control on inventory management of raw material. 
  • Implementation of system of monitoring of non-returnable gate passes by security department.
  • Implementation of online monitoring system for pending payments i.r.o allotted quarter to outside agencies.
Structured Meeting with Management
Structured Meeting with Management (At Division/Complex/CO level) are conducted to monitor progress of the pending disciplinary cases.  Introduction of new reporting system, i.e., Four-Part Report has been instrumental in identifying the stages at which the delays occur in processing the cases and to take necessary follow-up action with the concerned authorities to expedite the action.  This initiative has brought down the time taken considerably in concluding Vigilance cases.
Leveraging of Technology- IT Platforms for Vigilance
HAL has manpower of about 24698 (as on Sep 2022) and on an average 18000 vigilance clearances are issued in a year.  In order to reduce the processing time On-Line Vigilance Clearance (OLIV) was initiated as part of leveraging of technology.  Processing of Vigilance Clearance mandated for various purposes are being done online.  The new system ensures transparency, accuracy, confidentiality minimum time for processing and provides real time information online.  It is also eco-friendly.
Online Compliant Handling System
HAL Vigilance department has online compliant handling system which has cut down delays in processing and concluding the cases and also in taking timely preventive action wherever required
Latest Initiatives/Activities
  • System studies
  • Vigilance Publications - Marg Darshan
  • Vigilance Publications - Vishleshan
  • Vigilance awareness sessions
  • Monthly Lecture/Achiever Series
  • Vigilance Session at Integrity Clubs