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Brief History

Welcome to the Transport Aircraft Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Transport Aircraft Division (TAD), Kanpur of HAL specialises in manufacture and overhaul of turbo-prop transport and trainer aircraft. It was established in 1960 to manufacture 44 seater HS-748 aircraft for civil operators and Indian Air Force. Over the years, it has vastly developed its infrastructure and capabilities and undertaken the manufacture of Basant Agriculture Aircraft (HA-31), Basic Trainer Aircraft (HPT-32), 19 Seater Versatile Aircraft (Do-228) and a variety of aerospace structural assemblies and components for both domestic as well as international markets.  TAD has facilities for repair, overhaul and modification of about 400 types of rotables fitted on these aircraft.
The current activities of the Division include:
  • Manufacture of HAL Do-228 & Hindustan-228 aircraft and structures.
  • Repair, Maintenance and Overhaul of HAL Do-228, HS-748 and AN-32 aircraft.
  • Overhaul and repair of Rotables for these aircraft.
  • Manufacturing work packages.
  • Design and development of aircraft modifications.
  • Design work packages.
  • Outstation repairs on aircraft.
TAD Kanpur has a co-located Transport Aircraft Research and Design Centre (TARDC) with capability to undertake various types of design related tasks:
  • Design & Development of Special purpose modifications to meet specific needs of the customers.
  • Integration of various avionics and mission role equipment.
  • Development of repair technology for recovery of damaged aircraft.
  • Design and development of aircraft structural assemblies like doors, fuselage sections, wing sections, control surfaces etc.
  • Midlife Avionics upgrade.
  • Obsolescence management
The Research & Design Centre has successfully designed and developed several role modifications and carried out sensors’ integration to cater to the specific needs of the customers.  
  • 5- Axis CNC Profilers, 3 axes CNC milling machines, Vertical machining Centre, CNC Billet cutting machine etc.
  • Turning, Milling, Grinding, Thread Rolling, Broaching, Honing etc.
Composites / Plastics
  • Hot Air Autoclave
  • Vacuum Forming and Deep Drawing machine
Sheet Metal, Welding and Surface Treatment
  • Rubber press, Brake press, Elastomer press, CNC Pipe bending machine, CNC Routing machine, Horizontal Stretching machine
  • Gas, Argon and Spot Welding
  • Anodizing, Chrome plating, Copper Nickel plating, CAD Plating, Electro Chemical Milling, Passivation, Controlled temperature painting
  • Heat treatment facilities i.e. Annealing, Precipitation, Solution treatment etc.
Assembly and Paint Hangar
  • Large and spacious hangars for assembly, overhaul, repair and maintenance of Transport aircraft
  • Exclusive Paint hangar with dust free and controlled environment
Servicing of Rotables
  • Mechanical items like propellers, landing gears, actuators, wheel, brake etc.
  • Instrument items like flight instruments, fuel quantity and fuel flow system, pressurization system
  • Electrical items like alternators, inverters, motors, regulators, control and protection units etc.
  • Avionic items pertaining to communication, navigation and intercom systems, weather radar and antenna
Quality Control
  • 3-D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
  • Computerized Cable Loom Tester
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Accelerated Weathering Tester
  • Hot and Cold Chamber
  • Particle Counter
  • Inverted Microscope
  • Omnimet Image Analyser
  • Cold Light Rigid Endoscope
  • Flexible Boroscope
  • Chemical Testing facilities
  • NDT Facilities
  • Q.U.V accelerated weathering tester
  • Trimos Vertical 
  • Constant Potential X- Ray machine
Outsourcing is done in the following areas:
  • Machining of Ferrous and Aluminium Alloys components of Aircraft Structural Assemblies.
  • Machining with C.N.C. machines & conventional machines (viz. turning, milling, grinding etc.)
  • Sheet Metal Components fabrication with specialization to work on Aluminium Alloys.
  • Design and development of press tools.
  • Outsourcing of Aircraft MRO Activities based on insourcing mode.
  • Insourcing of Machine Shop for manufacturing of GMC items based on Rate Contract.
  • Manufacturing of Aircraft looms based on insourcing mode.
  • Assembly of Aircraft Structures and Control Surfaces based on insourcing mode.
  • Aircraft Painting /De-painting /Airframe Cleaning /Interior Decoration /Engine Cleaning based on insourcing mode.
Aviation Innovation Award at Wings India 2022
Aviation Innovation AwardFederation of Industrial Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) conferred the Aviation Innovation Award to HAL in the aircraft manufacturing category. The Award was conferred by Hon’ble Minister of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia and was received by Shri Sajal Prakash, CEO(Accessories Complex) in presence other Senior MoCA and HAL Officials.
Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC)'s 'Star Performer' award for the year 2018-19 for defence related products
Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC)HAL bagged the Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC)'s 'Star Performer' award for the year 2018-19 for defence related products under large enterprises category amongst public and private sector companies in India. Shri Sajal Prakash, CEO (Accessories Complex) along with Shri Apurba Roy, GM (TAD) received the award from Dr. Srikar K. Reddy, Joint Secretary, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India in New Delhi on April 13, 2022. Shri Mahesh Desai, Chairman, EEPC India, several industry and trade representatives were present at the award presentation ceremony organized by EEPC India.
Accreditations and Certifications
  • Quality Management System certification as per: ISO9001:2015 & AS9100D
  • Environmental Management system certification ISO 14001:2004
  • Approval by the following Govt. of India agencies:
  • Approved firm and its QMS(AFQMS) by Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA)
  • CAR21G and CAR-145 approval by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for production of Do-228 aircraft and MRO of HS 748 and Do-228 aircraft respectively.
  • Test Lab accredited by NABL.
Do-228 aircraft
The 19 seater HAL Do-228 aircraft is a highly versatile multi-purpose light transport aircraft. It has been developed specifically to meet the manifold requirements of utility and commuter transport, third level services and air-taxi operations, coast guard duties and maritime surveillance.
Do-228 aircraftFunctional versatility with low operating cost makes HAL Do-228 adaptable for a wide variety of roles including Commuter, Air Taxi, Utility, Corporate, Aircrew Training, Maritime Surveillance, Search & Rescue and for Observation & Communication duties.

The Garrett TPE-331-5-252D Engines, Landing Gears and many of the instruments and avionics of the HAL Do-228 aircraft are also manufactured in-house at different divisions of HAL.This highly fuel-efficient, rugged, reliable, twin turbo-prop aircraft combines well proven features with advanced technologies in design and production and has been developed specifically to meet the manifold requirement of a variety of roles for various military, para-military and civil operators.

New Aerodynamic profile and special wing shape in Do-228 ensures improvement of lift/ drag ratio compared to conventional wing design and has reduced induced drag, lower structural weight and high structural strength. These improvements result in excellent take-off, climb, cruise and landing characteristics.

Full-fledged facilities for repair, maintenance and overhaul of this aircraft, its engines and a large number of rotables are available within HAL, enabling it to provide single- source product support for the complete aircraft.

HAL has established a large customer base for HAL Do-228 and has been supporting Regional Air Services, Defence Forces - Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force and other customers on regular basis. Through continuous modernization / Updation programs, HAL has developed the capability to provide tailor-made solutions to customer's requirement.
Technical Specification
External Dimensions Baggage Compartments
Wing span:16.97 m Volume(m3)(Front): 0.89
Overall length:16.56 m Volume(m3)(AFT): 2.60
Overall height:4.86 m Max load (kg)(Front):120
  Max load (kg)(AFT): 210
Cabin Power Plant
Pax seats: 19 Engine Model: Garrett TPE 331-5-252D
Length: 7.08 m Take-off power: 2 x 715 SHP flat rated to ISA+18oC
Width: 1.35 m Propeller type: Hartzell four-bladed Metallic
Height: 1.55 m Propeller diameter: 2.69 m
Cargo door: 1.60m x 1.34 m Fuel capacity: 2850 ltrs (2250 kg)
Passenger door: 1.34m x 0.64 m  
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Troop Transport
  • Aerial Survey
  • Search and Rescue
  • Commuter Transport
  • Calibration of airport NAV-COM Aids
  • Remote Sensing Applications
  • Causality Evacuation
  • Executive Transport
  • Cargo & Logistics Support
Maritime Surveillance Version
HAL Do-228The HAL Do-228 is ideally suited for Maritime Surveillance and Patrol roles. Typical surveillance tasks performed by HAL Do-228 include :-
  • Patrolling of Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Patrolling land borders/ coastal areas
  • Search & Rescue
  • Pollution detection and control
  • Surveillance of fishery activities
Important features of HAL Do-228 specific to Maritime Surveillance include :-
  • High fuel capacity
  • Ability to operate from short-semi prepared air fields.
  • Four wing hard points with capacity up-to 1030 Kgs.
  • Ample cabin space for mounting of sensors.
  • Unobstructed Radar coverage
  • Outstanding performance in flying at low altitude
  • Open architecture for easier upgradation and modifications.
Mission specific equipment include :-
Mission specific equipment include
  • 360° Surveillance Radar
  • Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR)
  • Forward looking Infra Red (FLIR)
  • Electronic Surveillance Measures System (ESM)
  • Microwave Radiometer
  • Handheld Annotating Camera
  • IR/UV Line Scanner
  • Pollution Control Pods
  • Two wing mounted Gun Pods each housing two guns
  • Optical Sight for guns
  • Loud Hailer
  • Search light
  • Tactical Data Management System
  • Bubble windows
  • Life rafts
  • Flight Openable Roller Door
Utility Transport
HAL Do-228HAL Do-228 can be used for wide range of transport options as VIP/Executive Transport, Regional Airliner/ Air Taxi and Troop Transport.
Hindustan-228Hindustan-228 is the most prolific and reliable aircraft in its segment which has got unique advantage of Short Take Off & Landing (STOL) capability, high fuel & payload capacity, low maintenance cost, economical fuel consumption, high cruising speed in its class. There exists in-house competence in modification, up-gradation and customization of the Aircraft along with competence in technical consultancy and support, capability for imparting Flight conversion and Maintenance training and experience in Technical publication & Field service within the Division. Hindustan-228 is an ideal commuter aircraft for application on regional routes. Type Certification for Hindustan-228 conferred to HAL by DGCA on 10th May, 2022
Important features of HAL Do-228 specific to Civil version
  • Multiple seating layouts
  • Toilet compartment
  • Galley with hot and cold jugs
  • Quick convertibility
  • Comfortable AC cabin
VIP / Executive Transport
HAL Do-228 VIP/ Executive Transport offers a range of custom designed interiors for VIP/ Executives’ comfort coupled with well proven characteristics like long range, high speed, low maintenance, rugged and reliable structure. A wide choice of layouts and furnishing in wood and fabric is combined with functional lavatory, hot meals galley and wardrobe.
Important features of HAL Do-228 specific to VIP / Executive Transport version
  • 2 luxury and upto 11 deluxe seats
  • Working table for VIPs
  • Ward robe
  • Large galley with refrigerator and food warmer
  • Flushing toilet with wash basin facility
  • Additional sound proofing
HAL Do-228
HAL Do-228 aircraft has also been supplied to Government of Mauritius and Government of Seychelles. These aircraft are being optimally utilized in maritime Surveillance, Patrol, Search and rescue operations.
Upgradation of Aircraft and Role Equipment Integration
It includes:
  • Mid-life upgrade of Do-228
  • Mid-life upgrade of HS-748 Nav & Comm system
  • Integration of customer specific avionics on HS-748, Do-228 and AN-32 aircraft
  • Integration of Maritime Surveillance Radar on Do-228 aircraft
  • Integration of Search Light Pod, Gun Pod and IR/UV Scanner, other role specific equipment on Do-228 aircraft
  • Modification on Do-228 Aircraft for high altitude operation & Para dropping / Para jumping

Aircraft Overhaul, Repair and Modification
Aircraft Overhaul, Repair and ModificationExtensive facilities and expertise available are being currently utilized for the overhaul, repair, maintenance and modification of
  • HS-748 medium capacity aircraft
  • Do-228 light transport aircraft
  • Hindustan-228 aircraft
  • Servicing of AN-32
  • Depot level maintenance of Un-manned Aerial Vehicles
Aircraft Painting
Exclusive Paint hangar with dust-free and controlled environment can accommodate aircraft up to 50 seater capacity. Expertise is available for various types of aircraft painting systems like Poly-urethane, Epoxy, Cellulose, etc. Full range of facilities for testing of paint, paint thickness. 
Rotables Overhaul and Repair
Division has extensive facilities for multiple of Rotables of different aircraft including HS-
748, Do-228 and other medium category aircraft. It has rich experience of overhauling rotables with competent and qualified workforce to meet the exacting requirement of the Aviation industry. Shops are built to clean room specifications and equipped with the complete range of Test Equipment. Range of rotables which can be overhauled and repaired include the following:
  • Mechanical items like propellers, landing gears, actuators, wheel-brake assembly, hydraulics, fuel and de-icing systems and accessories
  • Instrument items like flight instruments, fuel quantity and fuel flow system, pressurization system instruments, Autopilot and all types of pressure switches and gauges
  • Electrical items like alternators, invertors, motors, regulators, control and protection units, booster pumps, actuators, fans, batteries and voltage regulators
  • Avionic items pertaining to communication, navigation, and intercom systems, weather radar and antenna
  • Training
  • Conversion training on maintenance and operations of our products
General Manager
Transport Aircraft Division

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