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The Aerospace System and Equipment R&D Centre, Korwa was  established in 1984 as Design Department in Avionics Division Korwa and has graduated to development of Flight Data Recorders and other Avionic LRUs. It possesses competence in Embedded Systems Hardware & Software development, Open Architecture based Test Equipment & Ground Replay Equipment and is equipped with state of art facilities.
ASERDC-Korwa is a approved by CEMILAC and recognized by Department of Science and Technology.
SSFDR/CVFDRSolid State Flight Data Recorder / Solid State Cockpit Voice & Data Recorder (SSFDR/CVFDR ) – MIL/ CIVIL CERTIFIED
  • Used to record critical flight parameters and voice for post flight analysis. Its variants are MIL / CIVIL certified. The SSFDR/CVFDR is developed for both Fixed & rotary Wing platforms.  
Deployable FDRDeployable FDR
  • Deployable Flight Data Recorder is combination of CVR, FDR, and ELT fitted in buoyant hardened container with deployable mechanism. It is capable of automatically deploying from aircraft in event of aircraft accident. Once deployed, it begins continuously transmit its GPS location & identification at the emergency frequency 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz. Its unique structure enable it to float on water indefinitely in event of accident on water. It is suitable for aircraft and helicopter flying over sea area.
Enhanced FDR (EFDR)Enhanced FDR (EFDR)
  • The Enhanced FDR can record more parameter as compared to conventional Flight Data Recorders. It possess high capacity compact Protect Memory Module (PMM).
FBW-DAUFly By Wire Data Acquisition Unit (FBW-DAU)
  • The FBW-DAU is capable of acquiring Fly by Wire (FBW) system parameters through direct lines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
I-DMGPilot Control Unit (PCU) for Helicopters
  • Pilot Control Unit (PCU-II) is Human Machine Interface (HMI) of Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS). It provides interface between crew and AFCS.
I-DMGIndigenous Digital Map Generator (I-DMG)
  • Indigenous Digital Map Generator is Digital Map Generator is being used for generation of Digital Map to be displayed on MFD. It superimposes symbology over digitized map.
Interface Computer 
Interface Computer
  • Mission Management System consists of Interface Computer (IC), Display Computers (DC- 2no’s) and displays. The Interface Computer unit interfaces between Aircraft systems and Display Computers for collection & distribution of data. The IC unit is a real-time OS based airborne computer.  
Auto-stabilizer System (AUTOSTAB)
  • The Auto Stabilizer improves the handling characteristics of the basic aircraft by providing damping inputs to the control surfaces for additional stability about the aircraft pitch, roll and yaw axis. The system consists of five type of LRUs.                                       
  • SERDC has developed Interface systems ICU for Jaguar. It is a signal distribution box for Mission Computers and various avionic systems.
  • Interface Function Unit is an aircraft specific equipment which interfaces with SMDs of aircraft and other aircraft equipments. It performs data acquisition of analog, discrete , frequency and Synchro parameters and provide the digital data to SMD through RS422 interface. It performs Video Signal switching of STANAG RGB and Y/C Video Signals to SMDs based on Command received from RS422 interface.
Special Test Equipment
  • ASERDC Korwa has developed special Test Equipments for the products design and developed by ASERDC for different type of Flight Data Recorders, Deployable Flight Data Recorder, IDMG etc
3D-Ground Relay System (3D-GRS)3D-Ground Relay System (3D-GRS)
  • The 3D – GRS system is milking system for downloading of CVFDR data and voice record and display recorded flight data in 2-D & 3-D analysis with voice & data synchronization.