Integrated Materials Management

Purchase Manual
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Amendment to Purchase Manual (Issue 3-2013)                                                                          08 Jul 2016
Amendment to Purchase Manual (Issue 3-2013)                                                                         16 Mar 2017
Purchase Manual(Issue 3 - 2013)-16 Ammendments                                                                  23 Jan 2018
09 Feb 2016
General Terms & Conditions of Contract
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Registration of Indian Vendor - Application Form
Size:558 KB.
Registration of Foreign Vendor - Application Form
Size:441 KB.
Registration of Indian Sub Contractor - Application Form
Size:187 KB.
Registration of Foreign Sub Contractor - Application Form
Size:72 KB.
Guidance to vendors with reference to submission of quotation against Request For Quotation (RFQ) /Tender
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Divisional IMM Heads contact details
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08 Sep 2017
List of Designated Officers for Public Grievances
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12 Sep 2017
Omnibus Integrity Pact Format(Annexure-I)
Size:28 KB.
01 Jan 2018
Amended Existing Integrity Pact(IP) i.e., Standlone IP format(Annexure-II)
Size:24 KB.
01 Jan 2018
Amendment to Para-8.8.10 of Purchase Manual(Issue 3 -2013)(Annexure-III and IV)
Size:11 KB.
01 Jan 2018

Works Manual

Vendor Pending Bill